Audi Releases Design Sketches for New urban Concept

With stricter and stricter EPA rules being introduced constantly, gas prices skyrocketing, and the world’s population migrating back to urban areas, car manufacturers are starting to think outside the box on what their next cars should look like.

With parent company Volkswagen releasing its up! concept at Frankfurt, it seems only fitting that a group brand like Audi would follow suit in debuting its small urban car at that show as well. Called the urban, this completely new concept car is built with keeping the car lightweight kept front-of-mind. From this comes a cockpit made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, which integrates the undercarriage of the two seats within. Those seats are arranged in a slightly staggered layout, in an effort to keep the car narrow for city streets.

Outside, we see a similar new approach to car design. Featuring four massive 21-inch wheels, the first thing you notice is they’re all free-standing, with fenders affixed to each wheel individually. In order to keep with current Audi design language, each fender also has an LED strip running the length of each piece.

It all looks very futuristic, and it acts the part, too, power coming from two all-electric motors turning the wheels.

That’s about all Audi will share with us at the moment. But stay tuned for more when the car debuts next month.

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