Audi Tradition Celebrates 100 Years of Car Manufacturing in Saxony

The “100 Years of Automobile Manufacturing in Saxony” centennial ceremonies play a special role in Audi Tradition’s 2004 events and activities program. This department of AUDI AG, which is concerned with heritage matters, is placing the emphasis on two main events: firstly as a main sponsor of the Horch Club meeting from 13th to 16th May in Zwickau, and secondly, at the same location in autumn, the official opening of the August Horch Museum on September10th, which has been completed after two years of construction work. Audi Tradition will also enter the Sachsen Classic race, from 16th to 18th September, with several cars on the starting grid. Audi Tradition’s annual program includes further highlights: for the first time ever, it will be participating in the historic Liege-Rome-Liege run (from 20th to 26th June), hosting an event on the Donau Ring in its home town of Ingolstadt (May 1st and 2nd) and, according to traditional custom, entering for the Gran Premio Nuvolari event from September 16th to 19th.

The 24th Horch Club Meeting from May 13th to 16th in Zwickau has the potential to become the greatest event of its kind: more than 50 vehicles of this legendary luxury brand from the years prior to World War II are expected to participate. An opportunity not to be missed, since it may never be possible again in the near future to see so many Horch models gathered at one and the same place. Audi Tradition takes part in this event, which is held at the birthplace of this brand – once the flagship of Auto Union – not only as a main sponsor but with a veritable armada of Horch automobiles. Eight splendid cars from the Historic Collection, built between 1925 and 1939, will be taken to this event: Horch 853 A, Horch 930 V, Horch 850 Pullman Cabrio, Horch 305 Landaulet, Horch 375 Pullmann, Horch 851 Pullman, Horch 670 and Horch 10/50 hp.

From September 10th to 12th, the inhabitants of Zwickau can look forward to a special Audi Show. In the company’s home town, Audi Tradition will be organising a unique racing-car demonstration run on the occasion of the official opening of the August Horch Museum. On the “Audi Day” (September 11th) almost all the racing cars from Audi’s Historic Collection will be seen in Zwickau. For the first time anywhere in the world, three different Auto Union Silver Arrow cars can be admired together on the track at speed: the Type A (1934), Type C (1936) and Type D (1938). They will be joined by Audi rally and touring cars of the 1980s and 1990s, right up to the triple Le Mans winner, the R 8. As a special treat, visitors can admire the original replica of the 1939 Wanderer Streamline Special. The eve of this event (10th September) will mark the official opening of the August Horch Museum in Audi’s oldest factory. In the “Audi nucleus”, the old branch office in the Walther Rathenau Strasse, where Audi was founded by August Horch in 1909, the museum’s special collection will finally find a home in an appropriate setting. AUDI AG has contributed 6.5 million Euro to the construction of the museum.

At the Sachsen Classic, run from 16th to 18th September between Zwickau to Dresden, Audi Tradition will have four cars participating: the Audi 225 Sport Cabriolet, Audi 920, DKW F 93 Cabrio and Horch 930.

For Audi Tradition participation for the first time in the long-distance Liege-Rome-Liege run will be a special highlight in 2004. Auto Union won the team category in this event in 1939 with its Wanderer Streamline Special cars. After 65 years, Audi will be now on the starting line of this historic race in Liege again with these three cars. In two years of work, these exceptional racing cars have been restored, and were presented to the public for the very first time in the summer of the 2003. On the 2000-kilometer long route leading through the Ardennes and the Vosges, across the Alps and right down to the Eternal City of Rome (20th to 26th June, 2004) the cars will experience their baptism of fire.

On 1st and 2nd May, Audi Tradition will again organise an event in its home city of Ingolstadt: the 2004 Donau Ring event. In the past year, in response to an invitation from Audi Tradition, a Mercedes Benz Classic meeting was held here. It is planned that Mercedes will take part in the event with a historic car from the German Touring Car Championship, which will oblige the Audi V8 quattro DTM and the Audi A4 quattro STW racing models to put up a good fight. At the same event, the 50th anniversary of the NSU victory in the 1954 motorcycle championships will also be celebrated: three Rennfox and three Rennmax racing bikes will lap the Donau Ring circuit.

The four rings of the Audi badge symbolise the brands Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer, which were later combined under the umbrella of Auto Union. Auto Union and NSU, which merged in 1969, made many significant contributions towards the development of the car. AUDI AG was formed from Audi NSU Auto Union AG in 1985. Together with the two traditional companies Auto Union GmbH and NSU GmbH, Audi Tradition nurtures and presents the deep and diverse history of Audi. The Audi museum mobile at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt is open every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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