Automotive Giant, Audi, Utilizes Open Text’s Livelink Enterprise-wide

Open Text(TM) Corporation, provider of Livelink(R), the leading collaboration and content management software for the global enterprise, announced today that Audi group extended its Livelink solution enterprise-wide in September of 2002.

Audi originally adopted Livelink as a fundamental part of its knowledge management projects at the Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. Parallel to the enterprise-wide rollout of Livelink, all legacy systems were successively replaced.

Audi’s initial application of Livelink was to develop a complex market research information system, called MarCO (Market Research Competitor) – an online environment specifically designed to store and track all information about competitors’ vehicles. The availability of this content to the customers of the unit supports planning and greatly improves decision making reliability. Today, Audi’s Livelink solution serves as the organization’s information retrieval system for expert knowledge, as well as a platform for group-wide communities.

“Purchasing a Livelink enterprise license and deploying the solution in all our knowledge areas was the next logical step in our strategy to increase employee productivity and shorten innovation cycles,” said Tobias Schwab, Project Manager, Audi Ingolstadt. “Our market research information system based on Livelink has enabled us to make our market research activities transparent enterprise-wide and ensure that all people involved in these activities are fully informed with access to the most current knowledge of the market in general and of our competitors in particular.”

“Audi’s application of Livelink relies on the unique combination of collaboration and knowledge management to collect the information its employees need and to share existing knowledge,” said Mike Farrell, Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, Open Text. “As the global competitive landscape evolves, the ability to effectively manage industry and expert knowledge is becoming increasingly critical to organizations around the world.”

About Open Text and Livelink

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