IAA 2013 – Audi Sport quattro Concept

Audi is going to show a second Sport quattro coupe concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week. Whereas the last Coupe quattro concept they did was a lightweight, five-cylinder turbo focused on lightweight performance. This time around the design has changed a bit with a more rounded Aston Martin-looking rear end, longer flowing fender lines and softer overall angles. However this is a big car with a wheelbase longer than the RS5 and nearly the same width as the RS5. Combine the large dimensions with a twin-turbo V8 and hyrid drivetrain and the lightweight performance concept as clearly gone out the window. We’re not sure Audi needs another grand coupe and if they were to do a proper Coupe quattro homage, we’d rather see it be focused on hardcore performance.

Our sister Audi site, Fourtitude has a lot more detail on this concept with the full Audi AG press release and more photos HERE.