In Honour of Tazio Nuvolari: Gran Premio Nuvolari Classic Car Rally in Italy

A historic race in honour of Tazio Nuvolari: the Gran Premio Nuvolari is taking place from September 19 to 21 in Italy. The race starts and finishes in Mantua, Nuvolari’s birthplace. Over 200 classic cars will be taking to the road to commemorate the “Flying Mantuan”, as this legendary racing driver was known. Audi Tradition has close ties with the event, and this will be the eleventh time it has taken part. The most famous driver in the Audi Tradition team is the multiple Le Mans winner Dindo Capello. He will be at the wheel of a red 1971 NSU TT in the Gran Premio Nuvolari.

Tazio Nuvolari became a veritable motor racing legend over a racing career spanning nearly 30 years. With 61 Grand Prix wins and international triumphs to his name, he was one of the biggest personalities on the motor racing scene. Nuvolari’s talents as a driver also helped the Audi predecessor brand, Auto Union, to numerous successes. He won the Monza, Donington and Belgrade Grand Prix in the Auto Union Type D racing car. The recently completed authentic reproduction of the Type D racing car in its final development version from 1939 will be exhibited on Mantua’s Piazza Sordello during the Gran Premio Nuvolari. A characteristic feature of this layout is the Roots dual compressor, the installation of which required an additional air box to be incorporated in the bonnet.

Audi Tradition is entering nine classic cars from its historical collection in the race: the two-seater DKW 3=6 F93 Cabriolet and the four-seater DKW 3=6 F93 Cabriolet from 1956, the 1958 DKW Monza, the 1960 Auto Union 1000 Sp Coupé and the 1965 Auto Union 1000 Sp Roadster, the 1968 model of the NSU Wankel Spider, and two NSU TTs from 1971, plus one pre-war model, the Wanderer W 25K Roadster from 1939.

The event starts on Friday, September 19 at around midday, with Rimini the first destination. This year the second leg on Saturday, September 20 is a circuit via Arezzo and Siena, then back to Rimini. After a second night in the Adriatic resort, the rally participants will return from the coast to Mantua on Sunday, September 21.

The four rings of the Audi badge symbolise the brands Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer, which were combined under the umbrella of Auto Union in 1932. Auto Union and NSU, which merged in 1969, made many significant contributions towards the development of the car. AUDI AG was formed from Audi NSU Auto Union AG in 1985. Together with the two traditional companies Auto Union GmbH and NSU GmbH, Audi Tradition nurtures and presents the deep and diverse history of Audi. The Audi museum mobile at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt is open daily from Monday to Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.