First Bentley SUV Mules Spied Testing

What you are looking at is one of the first Bentley SUV test mules in company history.  Cleverly disguised as an Audi Q7, the more astute among us will immediately notice the flared arches and front bumper modifications that point to something a bit “more” going on with this particular car.  We would normally think that this was an Audi test vehicle, but the UK plates are a dead giveaway that the new Bentley SUV is lurking beneath the Audi exterior.


The front bumper modifications point to much larger cooling hardware up front, the kind Bentley would need to fit should the 600hp power plant rumors be true.  To compliment the larger more powerful motor, larger brakes and wider rubber have been fitted to this mule, which will come in handy with that much power on tap.


Check out more pictures below, and we will be sure to keep you updated with any new information that comes to light.