Current Tiguan Coming Back as Tiguan Limited

Despite a new, bigger Tiguan coming to dealerships this summer, the current model isn’t ready to retire. The little Tiguan first introduced in 2007 will return as the Tiguan Limited.

Speaking at the New York International Auto Show last week, Hendrik Muth, VP of Product Marketing and Strategy at Volkswagen of America confirmed reports from March that the Tiguan would live on.

“This was the best March ever for the current Tiguan,” said Muth, explaining that demand for the little SUV is still strong. More than 10,000 Tiguans sold in the first quarter of 2017, which is an increase of 10% over last year.

At the lower end of spectrum, the Tiguan Limited will be a lot like the City Golf, with a base price designed to attract value-minded buyers.

“We will probably make a very low complexity offer on this,” said Muth. Despite that, though, the Tiguan Limited won’t just be a value product. Muth insists that prices for the Tiguan Limited will step up all the way to the new Tiguan. Nor will it be barren, with Bluetooth and other amenities available.

Although the Tiguan Limited is only planned until 2019, VW will still be interested in having an SUV that’s roughly the same size after that.

“We see the potential to continue having something below the current Tiguan,” said Muth, but would reveal no more. Whether that means that the new Euro spec Tiguan (which is 11 inches shorter than the American version), the even smaller T-Roc, or something else entirely will arrive in US dealers remains to be seen.