Find of the Day: The Real Scirocco You Should Be Asking For

“Bring the Scirocco!”
“The Scirocco is what we need here!”
“The Scirocco: why can’t we have it?!”
We get it: you want the Scirocco. Bring up VW’s current product issues in any Vortex discussion and the new ‘Rocco will be mentioned in nanoseconds: it’s the sales messiah. Right or wrong, there’s an interesting parallel between 2017 Volkswagen and the Volkswagen of the early 1970s: lagging sales and a lack of modern desirable product. The 1974 Scirocco helped, ahem, blow in a new era for VW.


Take a look at this nicely restored 1979 Scirocco and banish thoughts of that porky squashed Euro bread van. Imagine yourself canyon carving in this copper Gioretto Giugiaro penned beauty. The electric steering of modern cars will never compare to the chatty nature of early rack-and-pinion systems (which appears to be unassisted in this car). Who needs air conditioning and a fancy stereo when you have crank windows and a burbly engine to entertain you? Thin window pillars and a low belt line make you feel like you’re part of the landscape, and not like you’re looking out of a gun turret. No to mention the best feature of all: lightness. Toss this little guy into a turn and that MKV GTI-in-a-funhouse mirror, that sales messiah, will be but a fuzzy memory.


Okay, so as with any historic car, there’s always good and bad. The bad: the motor will need attention. The good: everything else. Bodywork, paint, suspension, electrical, wheel bearings, interior, and much more have been taken care of on this Florida titled car. The seller even has paperwork of the work completed. Get the engine the attention it needs and you’ll have a car that’s equally at home on winding backroads as it is at Cars and Coffee.

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