Find of the Day: 1944 Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

Designed by Erwin Komenda, the same man who designed the Porsche 356 and 550 Spyder, the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen could be considered one of the coolest military vehicles of the 20th century.  The Schwimmwagen (which translates to ‘swimming car’) was powered by a 1131cc four-cylinder motor with just 25hp powering both the wheels and the propeller when situations called for it.  Despite more than 15,000 Schwimmwagens being produced, there are only 163 left according to the Schwimmwagen Registry, which makes this quite a rare find.


While trolling the classifieds on Hemmings we came across this example, which the seller has had professionally restored.  The vehicle is said to drive and ‘swim’ perfectly, and all electrical bits are in working order.  We think it looks rather cool painted in camouflage, which the seller notes is a late war design.


Now for the key bit of information we have been actively dodging to this point- the price.  Well, this example is for sale for the grand sum of $160,000.  Could you think of a better, more constructive way to spend $160k?  Probably.  But the reactions you would get at H20i cruising the strip (or the bay for that matter) would be priceless.

Check out the full listing on Hemmings, and see more photos below.

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