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Find of the Day: 1991 Volkswagen Jetta Carat

With first generation cars becoming more and more scarce, we’re finally beginning to see second generation Golf and Jetta models get the attention they deserve.  The level of customization present on many MK2 builds is quite impressive, and today’s Find of the Day is no exception.

Jetta fotd engine 600x400

With most current builds, there is an intense amount of attention to detail throughout the car, including the engine bay.  After receiving a VR6 transplant, the MK2’s engine bay was shaved and resprayed in Audi’s Nimbus Grey.  While it may look like everything has been removed, the seller cams that all wires and smog lines were routed through the frame rails and that the vehicle will easily pass a smog test.

jetta fotd interior 600x400

Moving to the interior, the car has GLI Recaros and door cards, but most impressively it has a Corrado dash swap which required some custom bits to make fit properly.  All told, it appears to be a great package and a wonderful place to spend time.

This Jetta is currently available in our classifieds for $8500 without wheels, but the seller is willing to negotiate in order to sell everything as a package.  More pictures and information can be found here.

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