Find of the Day: Engine Swapped Volkswagen Golf R

Our last Find of the Day was a Golf R which received mixed reviews to say the least.  While looking through said reviews on our social media channels and the comments from that very article, reader Brooks Murfey suggested a Golf R that is also in our classified section, which was built with a very different philosophy.


At a young 900 miles, this Golf R had a heart transplant.  Out came the 2.0T, and in went the 2.5L 5cylinder from a Rabbit which was then mated to a Precision 5858 Turbocharger.  To support the levels of boost which would be seen on a regular basis, the pistons, rods, head bolts and mounts have all been upgraded, and a custom 3.5″ intake was created to ensure the motor could get the amount of air it needs.  A custom down pipe and manifold were also created specifically for the car, and mated to a Billy Boat Catback.  United Motorsport created software to make it all work, and the car puts down an estimated 500hp and 400tq at the wheels.


To help control the large power increase, a Forge 356mm 6-piston big brake kit was installed, as well as KW Clubsport Coilovers, Unibrace uB and xB braces, and VMR wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s.  On the interior, European OEM Recaros have been fitted to keep the driver planted behind the wheel.


Having seen this particular Golf R in person, I can attest to how nice it really is.   Fit and finish is top quality, and I’d agree with the seller that you simply could not rebuild this car for the asking price.  Whoever buys this Golf R will have one hell of a machine on their hands.

More pictures and information can be found in the for sale thread, right here.

Thanks to Brooks for the tip!

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