Find of the Day: fifteen52’s Volkswagen Jetta Demo Car

Companies owning and selling demo cars is certainly nothing new.  With the need to be first to market and have the latest and greatest for a wide array of models, its simply the best way for many in the aftermarket to keep up with new models.  What is new, is being able to purchase one of these demo vehicles for a reasonable sum.


Fifteen52’s 2011 Jetta was used for research and development of a number of pieces, including their fifteen52 +Line front bumper, KW’s ST coilover kit, and Custom retrofit HID headlights with Morimoto projectors.  Unlike many other development cars, the fifteen52 Jetta’s motor has stayed bone stock, meaning that it has not been repeatedly abused on the quest for dyno numbers.


In terms of demo cars, this is certainly on the more mild side but we see it as a way for the potential buyer to not only get a jumpstart on their modifications, but also to get a solid car at an even more solid price.  The fifteen52 Jetta is currently for sale in our classifieds section for $13,500.