Find of the Day: One Owner 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI

All enthusiasts suffer from something called ‘boredom’.  Due to this shared ailment, we are often thinking of what or next wheels, modification, or car will be- sometimes just days after we’ve picked out the last one.  Luckily, some do not have to live under the influence of boredom and are able to keep a car for many, many years.  Today’s Find of the Day belongs to one such person.


After owning the same GTI for nearly 31 years, if is time for this car’s owner to move on.  Purchased new in Lakewood, California and moving to Colorado in 1991 with the owner, the GTI has covered only 104,000 miles in total.  Over those years, it’s clear that the car has been well taken care of and comes with a complete service log dating back to the original date of purchase in November 1983.  Since it has lived in such sunny places, the paint is a bit rough, but nevertheless, this appears to be a very solid car.


The car is currently available on eBay Motors at a current high bid of $2,275 with 5 days remaining on the auction.  More information including additional photos can be found right here.