Find of the Day: Volkswagen GTI Syncro

The question of “what if?” seems to get tossed around a lot by enthusiasts. The question generally leads to swapping in a different engine, transmission or even changing which wheels the power goes to, and we’ve seen our fair share of them done to varying degrees.  Heck, we even did it ourselves with help from APR on the Super Beetle.  While not nearly as extreme as some, this type of thinking went into today’s Find of the Day.

This Mk2 GTI Syncro appeals to the “Volkswagen dork” in us. It doesn’t particularly look like anything overly special, and we kind of like that.  A Syncro conversion was done with all OEM parts, but it retains a 1.8L 4 cylinder motor. There is an aftermarket suspension, a fuel cell and Recaro Trophy seats have been installed, but aside from that, it is kind of a blank slate. If we had to classify it, we would say that if Volkswagen had made a GTI Syncro, it would have looked just like this.  For a fan of the obscure, this would make a great daily, or be a good start for a project.

Read the entire listing below, and see the full ad in our classifieds.

I have a 87 gti converted to syncro with a 02c hydro/cable syncro swap.
white under 90K miles, no rust under car, paint it 7/10 few dings and paint issues but nothing terrible.
1.8L cis GTI jh motor.
runs drives with no issues.
missing front GTI badge and on badge on rear is cracked

all factory swap drive train swap….
has a fuel cell, uses oem fuel fill, has aftermarket suspension and exhaust, fuel gauge is separate because of fuel cell.
front recaro throphys with centers redone in different materials, rear is oem black with red/grey centers

parts I have for install,
-real euro syncro center console and good boot
-extra grill
-new syncro badges in the oem bags
-used raintray
-needs alighnment
-good door cards, others are ehhh
-bosch fog light

as is $5000
– runs and drive well
– needs alignment
– needs cosmetic clean up and extra parts installed

$6000 with parts installed and alignment, paint buffed
-all parts above installed
-must have deposite for us to do this.

NO TRADES. located in 18034 center valley pa near allentown