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Find of the Day: Massive Volkswagen Auction in South Carolina

Are you the type of person who looks at an old, rusty car and thinks to themselves, “man, what if?”  Well, here is your shot.  A reader came across this Craigslist ad which describes what we believe to be an estate sale for someone who may very well have been considered a hoarder by their peers.  It features over 100 cars in total, with about 70 of them being Volkswagens- mainly Beetles, with some Karmanns, Busses, and Rabbits mixed in.  Now, we cannot speak to the condition of these cars, but being from South Carolina we assume that they mainly have some surface oxidation although we have been wrong in the past.  What we do know, is that the cars will be quite cheap, making them excellent projects no matter what the end goal of the builder may be.

There are also large numbers of parts available that have not been broken out.

Feeling ambitious?  You can get in touch with the auction company here, and check out the Craigslist Ad here.  The auction begins on July 12th.

Thanks to Bill for the tip!