FOTD: 1977 Martini Transporter (And Also Some Porsche)

Few liveries in racing are more evocative than the Martini Racing stripes. Seen in everything from F1 to rallying and everything in between, this simple color scheme looks good and was worn by legends. Now you too can wear the colors with this 1977 bay window Transporter.

Paired like a fine wine with a 1976 Porsche 934/5 Kremer Group 4 Competition Coupe, this Transporter is set up to be a support vehicle for a racing team.

Hollowed out to carry all the essentials for a race weekend—tires, fluids, tools, beer, etc—this Transporter was modified to include a sunroof and the 2.1-liter engine from a Porsche 914, so it can haul.

The 934/5, meanwhile, was a competition car when it left the factory and recently competed in classic racing. With real provenance from the famous racing team, Kremer of Cologne, Germany, this race car is expected to go for a titch more than its support Transporter.

The two are being sold, but not necessarily together, at Bonhams’ Spa Classic Sale this weekend, so if you happen to be Belgium, check it out. You’ll need deep pockets full of Euros, though, because the Porsche is expected to go for between €320,000-€400,000 ($355,000-$445,000). The VW, though is expected to go for a much more reasonable €45,000 to €55,000 ($50,000-$61,000).