IAA ’03: The Supercar Murcielago Now with e-gear

Frankfurt, German – Shown for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show two years ago, the Murcielago has re-launched the name and image of Lamborghini worldwide, achieving great success with over 750 units sold since its introduction.

Its technical characteristics – a 6.2-liter, 12-cylinder 580 bhp engine, with a 6-speed manual gear change, permanent four wheel drive and an aggressive but distinctly clean and elegant design – mean that the Murcielago should far and away beat the competition from the most prestigious models in its sector and be awarded international recognition, including the Red Dot Design Award for “Best of the Best for the highest design quality”.

Lamborghini continues the technological evolution of the Murcielago, the “icon” of the make, maintains the superb sports car at the forefront of its market segment.

On the occasion of the 2003 edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Lamborghini unveils the Murcielago e-gear, a robotized gearbox with electronically controlled sequential shifting system.

In comparison to the standard manual shifting version, the shifting system itself is completely substituted by electro-hydraulic units controlled by a dedicated ECU.

This ECU operates with sophisticated software strategies specially conceived for Murcielago, based on the inputs received from sensors on the clutch and the gearbox, together with the data exchanged with the Engine Management system and the Traction Control system and the Traction Control system. Obviously there is no more clutch pedal.

Actuating two paddles on the steering column (up/down shifting) and a button on the left side of the dashboard (reverse) the driver just gives the ECU the input of the desired shifting. The ECU will provide optimized shifting, considering the actual driving conditions.

Two main operational modes can be selected by two buttons on the central console: Normal (as a “default” mode) and Sport (for an even more dynamic and faster shifting).

An additional “low adherance” mode can be selected, for safe driving in extremely low adherance conditions.

The advantage of the e-gear system can be summarized as such:

– The system maintains all the positive features of the mechanical parts of the transmission: dry plate clutch, reduced weight, high mechanical efficiency

– It guarantees a simplified utilization and reduces fatigue and stress when frequent shifts are required

– It guarantees constantly precise and fast shifts with optimized driving performance, in general better than what is achievable by a good driver with a traditional manual shifting system. For instance, during downshifting an optimal “double clutching” is realized, depending on the actual gearbox axles speed difference.

– Thanks to its electronic control, the system prevents possible wrong driver’s requests (for example it avoids downshifting when that would generate engine overspeed). In addition, as a driver’s aid, a controlled automatic downshifting is performed when the engine rpm’s fall below the acceptable thresholds.

The Murcielago e-gear will be available in the market from the end of the year.