Quantum Synchronizes VW’s IT and AI Efforts

With the mention of  the word “quantum” hardcore enthusiasts may picture the boxy Volkswagen model from the 80s. They’ll be sad to learn this announcement has nothing to do with AWD 5 cylinder wagons and everything to do with super-powered quantum computing technology.

At CeBIT 2017 in Hanover Germany, the Volkswagen Group announced they are the first automotive company to utilize the power of quantum computing; technology primarily used by scientific institutes, government agencies, and the aerospace industry. Quantum mechanics are used by these computers to process highly complex data at much faster rates than existing supercomputers.

VW has partnered with D-Wave Systems, a leading quantum computing company, on a project to optimize traffic flow in Beijing China. Their recent experiment tied together experts from the Volkswagen Code Lab in San Francisco, the Volkswagen Data Lab in Munich, and over 10,000 taxis to demonstrate software to maximize traffic movement using a quantum computer.

“We are doing digital pioneering work,” said Dr. Martin Hofmann, VW Chief Information Officer. “We are now laying the foundation for the future by learning to make effective use of the strengths of a quantum computer. Our cooperation with D-Wave is a milestone on the way to the digital future of our Group. This shows that there is no other company where IT is now as exciting as at Volkswagen.”

There are more projects in the works with D-Wave and their (appropriately named) quantum computers. Additionally, Volkswagen has stated they want to partner with universities and scientific institutes in this powerful technology field.

With this announcement, VW is poised to make a quantum leap in their AI initiatives.