Dr. Andreas Schleef, Doctor Honoris Causa

Dr. Andreas Schleef, 60, executive chairman of SEAT, S.A. and member of the executive Board of Audi AG, was invested with an honorary doctorate by the University of Oradea, Romania.

In his investiture speech, Dr. Teodor Maghiar, rector of the University of Oradea, praised Dr. Schleef’s ongoing ties with the University, whose student population is almost 32,000. Dr. Schleef has been lecturing at the Faculty of Economics for nearly five years. Maghiar also underlined Dr. Schleef’s commitment to promoting relations between Germany and Romania, at a time when Romania is to form part of the European Union in 2007.

In 1997, Dr. Schleef was invested with an honorary doctorate by the Czech University of Liberec (formerly Reichenberg).

Dr. Schleef has been an executive Board member of Audi AG since March 1985. After studying law at the universities of Freiburg, Munich and Göttingen he worked as a lawyer at the Westdeutsche Landesbank in Düsseldorf. In 1973 he joined Audi in Ingolstadt and has been executive chairman of SEAT S.A. since March 7, 2003.