Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEAT

In its ordinary meeting held today in Martorell, the Board of Directors of SEAT analysed the situation of the company and validated the measures presented by the Board of Management.

These measures, included in the wide restructuring programme “Nueva SEAT” (New SEAT) in which all the company is deeply involved, aim to increase the brand’s future competitiveness and to reach, in sustained way, the objectives of profitability set by the Volkswagen Group.

“During today’s meeting, we could confirm that SEAT is working consistently in the right track and can count on our support to achieve its future goals”, explained Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEAT, and Audi Chairman. “Nevertheless”, he added, “in such a competitive environment as the car industry, even deep restructuring processes are to be put into practice as a race against time, which means that the first results have to appear quickly.”

Referring to recent rumours, Dr. Winterkorn ruled out a possible closedown or selling of the Spanish car manufacturer and reaffirmed: “This is out of question, essentially because we can not afford to lose a volume of over 400.000 cars per year, but SEAT has to keep on putting all its efforts in the very much demanding process of change in which the company is currently engaged, and start by increasing sales of its excellent new generation of products”.

The “Nueva SEAT” programme includes not only a new generation of models, whose most recent example is the new SEAT León, but also a repositioning of the brand, through an image change in the mind of its current and future customers. Higher customer satisfaction and more efficient processes are also key issues in SEAT’s current process of change.

Dr. Andreas Schleef, President of SEAT, showed his satisfaction with the outcome of the board meeting, underlining that “the support of the Board of Directors to our “Nueva SEAT” programme is not only reassuring that we are heading in the right direction but also a very motivating issue for all the workers at SEAT, who are working hard for the success of the change and the future of the company”.

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