SEAT Achieves Best WTCC Results in Puebla, Mexico

The second round of the WTCC in Mexico has become a historic weekend for SEAT, after winning twice and clinching the top six positions in the second race. Jordi Gené won the first race with Rydell second, while Tiago Monteiro took the victory of the second race, followed by all of his SEAT mates: the five SEAT León TDI drivers and Tom Coronel with the SEAT León WTCC. SEAT and their drivers have also made a clean sweep of all the overall classifications.

Race 1

Gené started from the pole position he had set yesterday and from the very start had no problems to take the lead in front of the Chevrolets and Tom Coronel’s SEAT WTCC. With Gené dominating the race, the excitement was in the fight for the intermediate positions, since Rydell managed to move up to second after overtaking both Chevrolets and Coronel, to clinch a one-two finish for SEAT on the podium.

Further in the back, Tarquini, Muller and Monteiro were fighting with the Chevrolets of Menu and Huff and Farfus’ BMW, who was eventually overtaken by all his rivals. The SEAT Sport drivers managed to beat their rivals, with the help of an error made by Menu in the last laps

Race 2

Tiago Monteiro made an excellent start taking the lead from the first turn. Alain Menu (Chevrolet) spent half of the race withstanding the pressure of the SEAT drivers who overtook him one after the other: first Tarquini, then Rydell, and some time later, when the Chevrolet driver went slightly off the track, the rest of the SEAT drivers.

After the half-way mark, a little mistake made by Tarquini helped Rydell to move up to second, and from then on until the end of the race, the SEAT drivers drove carefully in order not to make any mistake that would jeopardise the historic result, with Monteiro’s first WTCC victory and all of his SEAT Sport team-mates behind him.

Pierre Yves Corthals took the victory of the Independents Trophy in both races, at the wheel of his SEAT León WTCC, rounding-off SEAT’s success.

Drivers’ Statements

Jordi Gené (SEAT León TDI no. 9), 1st/5th: “Very positive weekend starting from the free practices on Friday. Then came the pole and it couldn’t end better with the races. I won the first race dominating clearly and finished the second race in fifth after starting from eight. It’s a big success and we’ve made the best use of the car”.

Yvan Muller: (SEAT León TDI no. 12), 6th/4th: “All in all it’s been not bad considering that I didn’t start quite well into the weekend. The second race could have been better, but I made a mistake which was difficult to make-up for later. It could have gone better for me but the most important is that it’s been very good for SEAT.”

Gabriele Tarquini (SEAT León TDI no. 11), 5th/3rd: “I’m very happy because the team has achieved an extraordinary result this weekend. That’s the most important and something we didn’t dare to imagine a couple of days ago. As regards my race, I managed to step onto the podium with a very heavy car, so I can be very happy about that too”.

Rickard Rydell (SEAT León TDI no. 10), 2nd/2nd: “It’s just great to be twice on the podium on the same day. I’ve been a bit faster than Gabriele and managed to take an excellent second position that makes me feel very happy. Things worked out well during the race for the SEATs and the team has scored very important points”.

Tiago Monteiro (SEAT León TDI no. 18), 7th/1st: “I’m very happy because this is my first victory thanks to a car that adapted perfectly well to the track and a great teamwork. We’ve scored a lot of points for SEAT which is the most important. And I’m personally very happy”.

Jaime Puig, SEAT Sport Team Manager: “It’s been incredible. A perfect weekend in which we all have worked like a cluster. Moreover, the drivers have worked perfectly always thinking about the best result for the team. It’s been a perfect day because we have clinched the top two places in the first race and the top six in the second, with diesel and petrol engines”

Race 1

1. J.Gené (SEAT León TDI)

2. R.Rydell, (SEAT León TDI), + 0”415

3. N.Larini (Chevrolet), + 3”285

4. T.Coronel (SEAT León WTCC), + 5”674

5. G.Tarquini (SEAT León TDI), + 8”963

6. Y.Muller (SEAT León TDI), + 10”129

7. T.Monteiro (SEAT León TDI), + 10”349

8. A.Menu (Chevrolet) + 13”603

12. P.Y.Corthals (SEAT WTCC) + 22”817

Race 2

1. T.Monteiro (SEAT León TDI)

2. R.Rydell, (SEAT León TDI), + 4”425

3. G.Tarquini (SEAT León TDI), + 5”275

4. Y.Muller (SEAT León TDI), + 6”013

5. J.Gené (SEAT León TDI), + 8”915

6. Tom Coronel (SEAT WTCC), + 11”218

13. P.Y. Corthals (SEAT WTCC), + 27”261

Overall standings


1. R.Rydell (SEAT), 26

2. G.Tarquini (SEAT), 24

3. Y.Muller (SEAT), 21

4. J.Gené (SEAT), 15

6.T.Monteiro (SEAT), 11


1. SEAT, 69

2. BMW, 40

3. Chevrolet, 28