SEAT presents the Ibiza FR – the sportiest and most powerful Ibiza

Today SEAT unveiled the new Ibiza FR (Formula Racing) at Italy’s Bologna Motor Show, which will be open to the public from 6 to 14 December. Equipped with a 150 hp (110 kW) 1.8 20VT engine, this new version is the sportiest, most powerful Ibiza model available.

Currently, SEAT’s sportiest cars fall under the FR and Cupra categories. For their design, equipment level, chassis and most potent engines in the range, the FR versions are distinctly sporty, while the Cupra versions take sportiness and exclusivity a step further – these vehicles benefit from the experience accumulated in national and international racing, and are wholly developed and manufactured by SEAT Sport.

The arrival of the new Ibiza FR is an addition to the SEAT product range to include the FR concept, and the León Top Sport versions will soon also be named FR.

Visibly different

The new Ibiza FR transmits sportiness at a glance, thanks to its attractive, five double-spoke, satin finish titanium coloured 16 inch alloy wheels. This colour can also be found on the door mirrors, and the headlamp and taillight housing is painted in a smoky titanium colour. This detailing helps define the image of this version and set it apart from the rest of the range.

The exclusively designed front bumper features honeycomb mesh over the air intake vents, while the rear bumper sports a chromed double exhaust. Another identifying element on this version includes the FR badge on the B-pillars.

The interior of the Ibiza FR also contains several sporty elements, such as the metallic finish on the instrument panel and central console, air nozzles, gear knob and glove compartment handle.

The steering wheel, gear knob and gearshift lever are wrapped in leather with grey stitching. The newly designed seats are upholstered in a novelty, metallic look fabric.

The fastest Ibiza

The attractive image of the Ibiza FR complements the excellent performance level of its 1.8 litre engine and twenty valve cylinder head. Delivering a 150 hp output, the Ibiza FR reaches a top speed of 216 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.4 seconds, placing this FR version at the top of the Ibiza range.

But its excellent performance levels do not imply an excess fuel consumption. In the extra urban cycle, the Ibiza FR only uses up 6.1 litres of petrol for every 100 kilometres.

To match its characteristics, the Ibiza FR features a new suspension system with stiffer coils. Developments carried out on the chassis by specialists at the SEAT Technical Centre in Martorell have also led to the modification of the diameter on the front anti-roll bar and a variation on the way the rear axle is anchored onto the chassis, resulting in sportier handling with less rocking.

FR, two letters that stand for success

With the arrival of the Ibiza FR, SEAT has extended its sportiest range, which now features FR on the Ibiza, the León Top Sport, and the exclusive León Cupra R. In 2004, SEAT will be adding yet another new model to this sporty range – the Ibiza Cupra.

The monthly increase in sales is proof of the popularity of SEAT’s high performance products. The León Top Sport versions, which will soon also be named FR, account for approximately 25% of all units sold. These versions are equipped exclusively with the 180 hp 1.8 20VT and 150 hp 1.9 TDi engines.

All these figures demonstrate the success of SEAT’s sportiest, most powerful versions – a high-performance range that now includes the new Ibiza FR.

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