SEAT Sport Launches the “Adrenalina” Line for TDI

SEAT Sport, the Spanish brand’s sporty division, is launching an electronic engine thrust enhancing module, aimed at customers seeking to increase their vehicle’s performance and sporty character.

In the initial phase, this option is exclusively available to enhance the three 1.9 TDi engines in the SEAT range – on the 100 hp Ibiza and Córdoba models, the 110 hp León and Toledo and the 115 hp Alhambra. The 100 and 110 hp engine thrust will increase to 125 hp, whereas the 115 hp Alhambra engine will deliver 140 hp performance.

The module can be installed at dealership garages and official SEAT service centres, and the modifications will not affect the car’s warranty conditions.

Electronic engine thrust enhancing module

The electronic engine thrust enhancing module optimises engine management, providing increased vehicle dynamism and sporty driving pleasure without diminishing the engine’s life-cycle.

This electronic modification increases engine thrust and torque throughout the entire rev range. At low and medium revolutions the increased torque will result in quicker, more effective engine response, giving greater driving comfort and safety.

With the SEAT Sport trademark

True to the quality standards of SEAT Sport, the engine thrust enhancing module has undergone thorough testing in the development process, passing several controls in order to guarantee its correct operation and ensure it does not affect any other elements of the vehicle.

Besides, the system complies with current environmental pollution legislation, including gas emission and fuel consumption.

The official SEAT service centres directly carry out the engine thrust enhancing module installation. The engine terminal box is disassembled by dealership garage technicians and sent to SEAT Sport, where it is modified. Once the terminal box has been re-programmed and tested for quality, the service centre authorises its installation in the vehicle. This operation includes an official approval certificate that records the modifications, which can be presented at any MOT test in Spain, and SEAT Sport recommends that its customers inform their insurance company of these variations.

Furthermore, since it is an original SEAT Sport accessory, its installation does not imply any modification to the vehicle’s warranty, and this device has a two-year, unlimited mileage guarantee.

Performance tables

Ibiza/Córdoba 100 hp 1.9 TDi Standard Enhanced

Output (kW/hp/rpm) 74/100/4.000 92/125/3.500

Torque (Nm/rpm) 240/1.800-2.400 290/1.900

Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 10,8 9,4

Average consumption (l/100 km) 5,0 4,9 – 5,0

León/Toledo 110 hp 1.9 TDi Standard Enhanced

Output (kW/hp/rpm) 81/110/4.150 92/125/4.100

Torque (Nm/rpm) 235/1.900 280/1.900

Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 10,7 10,4

Average consumption (l/100 km) 5,2 5,0 – 5,2

Alhambra 115 hp 1.9 TDi Standard Enhanced

Output (kW/hp/rpm) 85/115/4.000 103/140/3.700

Torque (Nm/rpm) 310/1.900 340/2.100

Acceleration (0-100 km/h) 15,1 11

Average consumption (l/100 km) 6,6 6,5 – 6,6