New Skodas For Czech Police

Škoda Auto has handed 208 Škoda Fabia and Octavia cars over to the Police of the Czech Republic. This is one of the largest deliveries of mobile technology made to the Police Corps of the Czech Republicover the latest period, and this happened following a selective procedure. Škoda shall supply the units of the Police of the Czech Republic with over 300 more Škodas very soon.

A part of the delivery is Fabia Estate special cars, and Octavias individually customized as required by the police corps as well as dozens of standard versions of Fabia and Octavia cars. White Fabia Estate “police”-designed special cars have been developed right as required by the Police of the Czech Republic.

Škoda cars have already been a traditional part of the vehicle fleet of the Czech Police. In 2000 and 2002 Škoda Auto manufactured almost 2,200 cars to be used by the particular departments of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, the majority of which is in service at the Czech police corps. Škoda supplied the Czech police units with over 5,500 more Škoda cars during the second half of the 1990s.

 Police units in other countries also use Škoda cars. In Slovakia, more than 2,500 Škoda police cars are in service at present while 150 police cars were delivered to Poland during the course of this year alone with their total number reaching close to one thousand. The Ministress of the Interior of the Hungarian Republic took over 228 new Škoda Octavia cars adjusted for the use by the Hungarian Police in the middle of this year. Almost 1,000 Škodas are in service at the departments of the Ministry of the Interior of the Hungarian Republic of which the Police itself uses more than 600 Fabia and Octavia cars. Dozens of Škodas are in use by the police in Great Britain, Switzerland and other countries. Motorway police departments in Great Britain and Hungary successfully use more than 40 fast specials based upon the Octavia RS sports model.