2011 Touareg Pricing Announced

Volkswagen’s premier SUV, and flagship here in the States, the Touareg, is getting an update for the 2011 model year. We’ve known for quite some time what the new luxury SUV would look like, but not how much it will cost. Well, the designation of “luxury SUV” should tip you off, because the price has gone up from the previous version, with the V6 gasoline-engined model starting at $44,450, up $3600 from the 2010 model.

If you prefer diesel motivation, the 237-horsepower, 406 lb-ft-producing V6 TDI model will set you back $47,950, which is the same price hike of $3600 when compared to the 2010 model. But the news everyone is talking about with this new generation Touareg is the Hybrid model which will be available this year. The supercharged three-liter, V6 engine makes 328 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque, while still returning 20 city mpg and 25 highway mpg.

If this piques your interest like it does ours, prepare to dig deep into your wallet if you plan on pursuing it, though. The Hybrid model is priced at a hefty $60,565. Probably the most notable fact of this is that the platform-mate Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is $67,700, which after the $60,000 mark, isn’t that big of a step up to make.

There is quite a bit of value in the Touareg when compared to its competitors, though. Every model comes standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, bi-xenon headlights, and LED running lights. On the inside, navigation is standard, along with Bluetooth hands-free calling, heated seats, backup camera, and dual-zone climate control. This is an impressive list, containing features that usually only show up on options lists elsewhere, so there’s certainly a grain of salt to be had with those price tags.

None of the prices include the $820 destination charge, so figure to add that on if you’re looking to pick a Touareg up. The only remaining question is when we’ll be able to do so, since Volkswagen hasn’t announced a release date yet.