2013 Southern Worthersee Coverage

For the last six years Southern Worthersee has consistently been one of the last remaining laid back VW get togethers (we almost hate to use the word show) in the U.S. Designed to capture a bit of the feeling of the huge Wörthersee GTI Treffen in Reifnitz, Austria, Southern Worthersee (or SOWO for short) takes that basic idea of a group of enthusiasts coming to a picturesque small town and hanging out for three days. SOWO takes place in Helen, Georgia, which looks literally like a small Germany village transplanted into the northern hills of Georgia in a beautiful park-like setting. Good food, great shops, fun watering holes and friendly locals make it something special and have helped keep the show grounded and less immune to the typical craziness that goes on at some of the larger shows.

The 2013 Southern Worthersee event was the largest one yet and while growth can be difficult to manage at times, Chris and Matt have continued to make this one of the best shows yet. Some of the best cars in the country road trip out for the event and it really does capture quite a bit of the flavor of the real Wörthersee Treffen in Austria. Our Super Beetle project made its enthusiast show debut and we got lots of great compliments from people (and yes it really does run!). We had a great time as always and look forward to next years show.

Our complete photo gallery can be found HERE with a selection of photos below as well. Enjoy!