24h Nurburgring – ADAC 24h Classics

So we are out at the 24h of Nurburgring race with Volkswagen. I haven’t been to this event before and it is a bit overwhelming when you consider trying to “watch” a race at a track that is more than 14 miles long! So far today I was able to watch the ADAC 24h Classics race. The Classics race features everything from stock Jaguar E-types to a full blown race prepped BMW M1 and former Porsche 935 race cars. It was a blast to watch and still impressive to think that these old race cars are able to lap a difficult and brutal track like the Nurburgring for 3 hours straight. The action is intense and is no Monterey Historics “gentleman’s” race – these guys go all out with lots of diving inside moves and occasional “bumping”. In the end the various Porsche 911 models dominated most of the first 10 positions with a lone first-generation GTI making an impressive showing in the top 12. In fact the GTI had laps times that nearly beat the top cars, but they had a minor accident that required some repairs in the pits to tear off the remainder of one of the rear fender flares (see photo above).

Anyway, great stuff and I hope to make more updates over the weekend as Volkswagen officially campaigns three 440hp AWD Golf 24 race cars and two Sciroccos in the main 24 hour race. In the mean time check out our small gallery of photos from the Classics race earlier today. More photos coming throughout the next few days.

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