Beetle R Testing?

Spy photographers at the Nurburgring in Germany have caught what appears to be a Beetle R testing at the ring. This is good news as it indicates that Volkswagen is serious about expanding their “R” model lineup beyond just the Golf. Spy photos show big brakes from the Golf R and signature “R” style wheels. The front and rear bumpers are standard R-Line bumpers and are expected to be similar to the Beetle R Concept shown below. The Jetta 6 and Beetle are built on a similar platform and can’t support AWD, so we expect VW to go a route similar to the Scirocco R with FWD, 265-285hp 2.0TFSI, Golf R brakes, more aggressive exhaust, unique front and rear bumpers, and top sport seats (the spy photos actually show VW’s top line “shell” racing seat). Pricing is expected to fall below the price of the Golf R given the lack of AWD and that it would be built in Mexico.

No time frame or official announcements from Volkswagen at this point, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Good news for enthusiasts. Now let’s get a Jetta R going as well!