Beijing Auto Show 2014 – Volkswagen R400 Concept

We don’t have much information to go on yet with these teaser drawings, but Volkswagen is going to show this design study at the Beijing Auto Show. We assume the 400 refers to the horsepower (400 PS which translates to 394 hp) and by the looks of things it is powered by the EA888 2.0T engine. There have been lots of rumors of a Golf RS model out of Germany and power train rumors have been fluctuating between a hot version of the 2.0T or a turbocharged 3.0l VR6 similar to what was in the Design Vision GTI. Either way, we’re excited to see that there is some hardcore life left in the engineers at VW and look forward to seeing some version of this going to production. We’ll know more about this concept in the next couple days.