European Market: New Passat Now with Direct Shift Gearbox and Further Options

Wolfsburg, Germany – The Passat range has been expanded to include a new engine-gearbox combination: The 2.0 l 103 kW (138hp) TDI is now available with an automatic direct shift gearbox. Other additions to the model range include safety features like cornering lights and a tyre pressure monitoring system. Auxiliary heating is now also available.

The combination of a direct shift gearbox and a TDI engine is ideal as the low consumption of the diesel engine is maintained despite the automatic transmission. The 2-litre TDI accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62mph) in 9.8 seconds and reaches a top speed of 206 km/h (128mph). The average consumption is 6.0 litres. The Passat 2.0 l 103 kW TDI with direct shift gearbox fulfils the EU 4 emissions standard and is available from €27,400. This engine is also available with a diesel particulate filter for an extra €565.

Safety can be increased further with several new options: The special equipment available for the Passat now also includes Bi-Xenon headlights featuring the dynamic cornering light function. A maximum swivelling angle of 15 degrees ensures optimum illumination of the road. The system is rounded off with an additional static turn-off light. Aligned to around 35 degrees to the side of the vehicle axle, these lights also illuminate the roadside when you turn into side roads. This option comes at €1,210.

The tyre pressure monitoring system makes another contribution to the increased safety. The wheels are equipped with sensors that send a data telegram to the convenience system control unit. The data received is compared with the preset tyre pressure. A warning indicator informs the driver when tyre pressure is lost. This option is available from €210.

A heavy-duty suspension system, which has been raised by 20 millimetres, is also new to the range. It features a stiffer damper configuration and an engine protection plate. The heavy-duty suspension costs €520.

Comfort was one of the main focuses during development of the Passat. An auxiliary heating system is another new option. It can be switched on either with a timer switch or, if you prefer, with a remote control. The system is not only useful in the winter, the auxiliary ventilation function can also be used to reduce the temperature inside the car in the summer. The auxiliary heating with timer switch is available from €1,150 and the auxiliary heating with remote control from €1,350.

The new equipment is available for both the saloon and the estate.

The Passat – a continuing success story

The first Passat rolled off the assembly line at Volkswagen’s Emden plant 32 years ago. Since then the Passat has become the most successful Volkswagen model after the Golf and Beetle. Over 13 million cars have been produced since 1973. In statistical terms, this means that around 1,150 Passats have been delivered every day for over three decades (2004: 2,700 per working day). The biggest markets in Europe are Germany, Italy, France and the UK.