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Find of the Day: Pristine Mk1 Polo in Maryland

We’re big fans of the ‘never sold here’ variety when it comes to our Find of the Day series. So, when trolling through our own Mk1 classifieds this morning, we were surprised to see one very pristine Mk1 1977 Volkswagen Polo for sale and located in Maryland.

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While sold in high numbers as both the Polo and the Audi 50 in Europe, this car is considerably rare over here. Yes, it’s old enough to be more easily imported, but not many have been. We’ve seen Derbys (2-door notchback versions) and that Audi 50 that started out as a yellow Arizona survivor and now sports dark blue paint and stances suspension. This one though… it rarely goes out. It popped up at H20i according to the owner, but not much else that we ever recall seeing it.

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Okay, so the niggler might be the price. The seller (Silver71vw on our forums) is asking $13,500 OBO. And, some might argue that seems like a lot, we’d caution you to take pause before casting judgement. Back when that Audi 50 was in yellow survivor mode in AZ, the owner wanted close to $10,000 for it. This car, while lower original spec, is in nicer shape. It’s got lower mileage (49,000 km, 30,000 miles) and sports an insane amount of spares including an engine, body parts and much, much more according to the seller.

Find of the Day: Mk1 Polo in MD

Oh yeah, there’s one more thing that bears mentioning and something we admire. The seller is picky. Not only do lowballers need not apply, but those without a proper appreciation for the car or proper planned storage location for the car need also not apply.

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