Geneva 2006: Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion

Wolfsburg / Geneva, March 2006. In a world premier at the Geneva Auto Salon, Volkswagen presents the extremely economic Polo BlueMotion. Performance: 59 kW / 80 hp: Average consumption: 3.9 liter (60 mpg) diesel. Savings compared to the equally strong and already very economic Polo TDI versions Trendline, Comfortline and Sportline: 0.5 liter. The CO2 emissions are reduced by 16 g/km. The consumption and emission reductions were achieved through longer transmission translations, aerodynamic fine tuning and internal motor modifications. The Volkswagen is shifted via a manual five gear transmission. The Polo, manufactured in Pamplona, Spain, will have its market introduction in Switzerland, Austria and Germany in the summer of 2006.

The diesel particle filter (DPF) comes standard with the Polo BlueMotion and despite being considerably economic is very agile. With 1,800 rpm the three-cylinder turbo diesel fuel direct injection reaches a maximum torque of 195 Newton meters (143 lb-ft of torque) which is consistent up to 2,200 rpm. This is owed to the turbo charger with variable turbine geometry. More than enough to ensure a confident accession from the rotation basement. Further key data: 176 km/h (109 mph) maximum speed and 12.8 seconds for the 0-100-km/h (0-62 mph)-sprint. The driving performance and the modified chassis optic underline that the Polo follows a more dynamic positioning than the world champion in saving, the Lupo 3L TDI with 45 kW / 61 hp, which was built until then end of 2005. Also on the plus side of the new Polo BlueMotion are its grown up interior space and unlimited day to day capabilities.

The additional name of the Polo BlueMotion has a far-ranging meaning. “Blue” – the Volkswagen color. “Motion” embodies the aspect of a forward towards the future oriented mobility. The BlueMotion is meant to advance to a seal of approval that stands for economy without sacrificing the driving fun.

Polo Offensive Revamped

Within the series the Polo BlueMotion marks the current highpoint of a product offensive in the compact car segment. Volkswagen started this offensive 2005 with a technically and optically improved Polo generation. Based on this, the dynamic Polo GTI and – currently – the fresh and robust conceptualized CrossPolo introduction followed at then end of 2005. With the new Polo BlueMotion, Volkswagen now presents the most economic and efficient version.

Polo BlueMotion – Engine

The first technical column for the average consumption under four liters diesel per one hundred kilometers, is the 1,422 cm3 large three cylinder TDI of the Polo BlueMotion It achieves 59 kW / 80 hp at 4,000 rpm and when reaching 1,800 rpm develops a maximum torque of 195 Newton meters. This new engine generally distinguishes itself through modifications in the areas charge changing (turbo charger with variable turbine geometry) and optimized exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) with an improved EGR cooler and electrically powered EGR valve. With a CO2 emission of only 103 g/km the CO2 emissions of the Polo BlueMotion are reduced by 16 g/km in the basic equipment version in comparison to the equally strong Polo TDI of the latest generation.

Polo BlueMotion – Transmission

The second technical column for saving fuel is through the power train. For its use in the Polo BlueMotion, the five gear transmission received longer translations with cruising gear characteristic that lower the rotation level. Especially the gears three to five have twelve and 24 percent longer translations. Effect: From now on, the three-cylinder TDI works in its most efficient rotation area more often and longer. These modifications in the drive train area are supported by 14” alloy wheels, especially created for the Polo BlueMotion. The wheels come standard with optimized roll resistant tires.

Polo BlueMotion – Aerodynamic

As a third supporting column an optimized aerodynamic helps lower the consumption. Especially the front part underwent a strong overhaul. A fluidic optimized front spoiler as well as new, except for a cross gap nearly closed radiator grille, make their way through the air stream with low air resistance (cw = 0,30, cw x A = 0,62). The aerodynamic was also improved in the rear. Here a modified heck spoiler and a roof ledge spoiler are used. All aerodynamic measures were conceptualized via calculations and test series in the wind tunnel and then transferred from the design into the components accordingly.

Polo BlueMotion – Equipment

The new Polo BlueMotion is equipped above average. In the exterior area part of the standard equipment among other things are specially designed alloy wheels type “Jerez” with 165/70 easy run tires in the dimension 165/70, an aerodynamic-kit including heck spoiler, bumpers and components (side protection ledges, mirror case etc.) in body color, sport chassis as well as green heat protection glass. The interior of the Polo BlueMotion distinguishes itself by the specially designed seat covers “Popcorn”. As basic equipment the two-door Volkswagen also has front and side airbags, ABS, power windows, multi function display and an electro hydraulic power steering.

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