German-Market 30th Anniversary GTI Study

Volkswagen has shown a 30th Anniversary GTI “study” this past weekend at “Golf Record Day” an enthusiast event in Germany that previously broke the world record for most Golfs in one place – over 5,800.

VW has only released two meager photos but you’ll be able to find more in the forum link below. Likewise details on the car are minimal at best and are only available in German at this point, but we do have some information we can pass along.

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the GTI in Germany. Next year marks the 25th Anniversary of the GTI in the United States so what you see on the German-model 30th Anniversary car will also likely be seen on the U.S. 25th Anniversary GTI coming next year.

Details/changes from the regular GTI include:

– body painted front and rear valances with body painted side skirts

– taillamps borrowed from the new R32

– anniversary badging

– the black 18″ wheels shown in the photos are *NOT* the actual production wheels. Rumors say we’ll see a 19″ BBS looking wheel.

– red stitching on the steering wheel

– red GTI badge on the steering wheel

– Golfball DSG shift knob (connected to a six-speed DSG unit of course)

– 230hp 2.0T FSI

– leather bolstered seats with Interlagos plaid inserts

There are several important things that have come out of this study. The German press has been reporting that Volkswagen would be bumping the horsepower of the 2.0T in the GTI and GLI to 230hp or so. We now have confirmation of that. Along with the horsepower bump there have been rumors that Volkswagen is working on a new electronic torque sensing differential to go with the additional horsepower. The electronic diff is necessary to effectively put power to the ground and is electronic so as to ensure that the differential plays nice with all the various electronic systems (ABS, ESP, ASR, etc., etc.). Volkswagen isn’t officially mentioning the differential at this point so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed and wait and see.

The final specification of the U.S. 25th Anniversary GTI is being worked on so color choices, pricing and final features are still up in the air. We’ll of course pass along any information VW gives us as we receive it.

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