Golf 7 R Spy Photos

Spy photos of the Golf 7 and Golf 7 GTI have been showing up for several months now, but these are the first photos of the next generation Golf R based on the new Golf 7. Based on Volkswagen’s new MQB architecture (check out our tech break-down HERE), the Golf 7 R is expected to be similar to the existing Golf 6 R with Haldex AWD, two and four-door configurations, six-speed DSG and manual transmission choices all powered by the latest version of the 2.0T with 270-280hp on tap. With the MQB component architecture comes about 130 lbs. overall weight savings compared to the current Golf 6 which would be a welcome change.

Looking at the spy photos we can see that the individual LED lights in the current headlamps have given way to a solid LED headlamp accent. At the rear are dual exhaust tips on both sides which is new to the Golf R. The normally black headliner is grey in this particular test mule (which means almost nothing) and the car has the full compliment of driver safety systems include lane departure warning.

The Golf 7 is expected to be shown around September 9th at an event in Berlin. The Golf 7 GTI will be shown at the Paris Auto show at the end of September, however we don’t know if it will be shown as a concept as in the past or as the full production car. The Golf 7 will go on sale in Europe before the end of the year but won’t make it here to the States till Fall of 2013 as a 2014 model. The next Golf R based on the Golf 7 is about a year or so away from being shown as a production car. We’ll know more after the Golf 7 is introduced this fall.

Full photos can be found below…