Golf V Part VI: Repair and Service

Below is the full Volkswagen AG press kit broken down into multiple sections with over 150 photos. The press release, while applicable to the Golf V in general, does contain model specific details for the German market, so expect some detail changes on North American specification models.


Luxury class service will be carried over to volume models with the new Golf

Unique knowledge database to set new standards in service

When the luxury class saloon Phaeton was launched onto the market, Volkswagen initiated a new product and partner support concept known as manufacturer-supported repair. The focal point and nerve centre for this concept is the Technical Service Center (TSC®) in Wolfsburg. The TSC®takes on the complete support of repair operations for the top-of-the-range models Phaeton and Touareg.

With the launch of the new Golf, the potential of manufacturer-supported repair will be carried over to all volume models and the entire dealer organisation. And this service is unique throughout the entire automotive world. With the overall concept of manufacturer-supported repair, Volkswagen ensures that service procedures and operations in the trade are carried out economically, reliably and with customer satisfaction always in mind. Golf customers will therefore benefit directly from a process chain which was developed in the start-up phase for the marque’s luxury class vehicles.

This process chain of manufacturer-supported repair ensures that, in the case of difficult jobs, the Volkswagen dealers can and will fall back on the know-how and certainty of manufacturer-supported repair.

The repair shop as a rule communicates with the TSC®by e-mail via the so-called Hotline channel.

In the case of particularly tricky diagnostic tasks, specialists at the TSC®can also help the repair shop worker by means of telediagnosis. In this case, the TSC®experts can operate the diagnostic unit by remote control from their workstation and call up the required diagnostic data from the car together with the repair shop worker. The motor mechanic can follow each work step in the repair shop in the process, thus learning along the way. This process chain is now available for repairs to all other Volkswagen vehicles.

Thanks to a direct link between the TSC®and all the technical departments, the company ensures the fast exchange of information between the specialist departments in manufacturers’ works and the TSC®experts. Thus the support of the manufacturers’ expertise is available to the TSC®for troubleshooting the complex vehicle systems. In return, development and production quickly receive information on possible product faults and defects. Inquiries from the dealerships and the answers to these enquiries are stored by the TSC®in a knowledge database.


Guaranteed confidence and a LongLife mobility guarantee

“Golf Exclusive Service” will intentionally strengthen the customer’s position

LongLife mobility guarantee for every Golf driver

The fifth-generation Golf is also covered by a comprehensive service programme: “Golf Exclusive Service”.

This service philosophy comprises a quality guarantee on all repair shop work carried out on the Golf, the guarantee of first-class customer and product support by the repair shops, the LongLife mobility guarantee and permanent access to a round-the-clock “Emergency Service Call Center”. The programme can also be used to call up a mobility service (courtesy car / collection and delivery service) and an express service (smaller repair jobs / maintenance without appointment). The idea behind “Exclusive Service” is to further strengthen the position of the customer and guarantee optimum customer and product support.

Volkswagen therefore expressly guarantees within the framework of “Golf Exclusive Service” that every job on the Golf will be carried out by the repair shops as per the job order. If the job carried out does not correspond fully to the job order, then it will be carried out again free of charge. Furthermore, every customer order must be completed as binding within the agreed timeframe. If there is any delay in completing the order, then a courtesy car will be made available free of charge. Every item on the invoice will be explained on request. If contrary to expectations an item is disputed, then the customer will not be charged for this item. Even this is expressly guaranteed with “Golf Exclusive Service”.

In addition, an integral part of “Golf Exclusive Service” is the LongLife mobility guarantee. It comes into force automatically and free of charge when a new car is purchased and is extended from service interval to service interval. The LongLife mobility guarantee is valid throughout Western Europe and in an ever increasing number of Eastern European countries.

The services covered by the LongLife mobility guarantee at a glance:

Services in the event of a breakdown*:

– On-site breakdown assistance at home and on the road

– Towing to the nearest Volkswagen dealer

– Courtesy car for up to 3 days if the fault in question cannot be repaired by the Volkswagen dealer within 3 hours, or:

– Overnight hotel accommodation incl. fellow passengers

Services in the event of an accident and personal emergencies on the road:

– Towing and rescue after the accident

– Vehicle collection after driver incapacitation

– Vehicle transportation after vehicle failure

– Forward or return journey after vehicle failure (from 50 km)

– Collection of children

– Return journey in special circumstances

– Return transport of patient

– Sick call by a doctor overseas

– Dispatch of medication abroad

– Travel callback message

– Assistance in the event of death

– Return transport of pets

– Loan in event of a financial plight abroad 

– Deposit box for documents

– Car key service

– Payment of vehicle duty, vehicle scrapping abroad

– Contact service for doctors and lawyers abroad

* Vehicle down as a result of a technical defect

Direct dialling: access to “Golf Exclusive Service” at the touch of a button

In order to ensure that the customer has a direct connection to the Volkswagen dealers and the Volkswagen Emergency Service Call Center, Volkswagen offers a special phone system with direct dial buttons for the new Golf.

The “Phone preparation” and “Car phone” optional extras enable the customer to communicate with the manufacturer at any time from his/her vehicle. The appropriate phone holder has two direct dial buttons through which a comprehensive service package is available free of charge.

The “Phone preparation” contains all the technical requirements for an optimum cordless connection. Only the mobile-phone-specific holder (popular-selling phones by Nokia, Siemens and Motorola) is ordered subsequently from the attending dealer. In the case of the optional “Car phone”, the Nokia 6310i mobile phone is part of the scope of supply.

Golf drivers can thus call for help at the touch of a button. The “i” button (i = Information) can be used to request information on Volkswagen products and services or even to request test drives. Additionally, free of charge services such as traffic and hotel information are available round the clock.

The second button, marked with a spanner symbol, also guarantees the fastest possible assistance 24 hours a day in the event of breakdowns or accidents. In Germany, the caller has access to 2,800 Volkswagen dealers and workshops and roughly 850 Volkswagen Service-Mobiles. In the event of a breakdown in other European countries, the customer is always spoken to in his/her native language.

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