Great Praise in the American Media for the Touareg

Wolfsburg, Germany – The USA and Canada make up the largest, but also the toughest, off-road vehicle market in the world. The Touareg is currently being launched in America. Volkswagen of America dealers have been taking orders since the end of May and the new SUV has been in the showrooms since June.

The initial response to the Touareg, which is available in America with a V6 or V8 engine (and a V10 TDI as of the beginning of 2004), has been more than positive. Background: Representatives from the media in Canada and the USA had the opportunity prior to the vehicle launch of testing the Touareg under the most extreme conditions in demanding off-road terrain in Utah.

The majority of the journalists reported in the same way as this author in the “Calgary Herald”: “In nearly 25 years of testing new cars I have never been so impressed by the off-road characteristics of a vehicle”. His colleague at the online edition of “Forbes” wrote: ” … it costs between 35,000 and 45,000 Dollars, but it’s worth every penny.” He continues: “What makes the Touareg such a tempting choice is the wonderfully finished interior, its good looks and the feeling of safety you have when sitting behind the wheel”.

These comments confirm that the great success of the Touareg on the European market will be continued in the US market. Dr Jens Neumann, member of the board of management at Volkswagen AG: “We hope to be able to sell over 20,000 Touareg in the USA and Canada by the end of the year.” As of 2004, according to the sales forecasts, approximately 65,000 Touareg will be sold worldwide, 50 percent of that figure being forecast for the USA and Canada. Volkswagen will thus be able to further strengthen its position as the most successful European automobile manufacturer on the US market.

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