GTD Is Not Dead for U.S. Market

Ok so here is the deal…

There were numerous reports that the GTD won’t be coming to the U.S. market based on comments made at the New York Auto Show. We spoke to contacts at VWoA and it turns out that it is complicated (surprise).

The higher output 2.0 TDI engine in the GTD is not currently available in the U.S. market. Because of the more stringent emissions standards in the U.S. market, the high output GTD TDI engine would require urea injection which necessitates adding a urea storage tank in the rear area of the car. The German market GTD doesn’t require the extra urea injection until EU6 emissions regs go into effect in 2016. So our emissions calendar is different than the one in Europe. That means the schedule to put the urea tank into the GTD for the European market is different than our want/need to get it sooner.

Volkswagen is still looking closely at the GTD and what could work for our market. Nothing is confirmed at this point. However, the GTD for the U.S. market is not dead and we can tell you point blank that VW *is* reading the comments in our forums, on our Facebook page and here at the bottom of this article. They are listening and continue to ask our feedback (and yours) on projects like this. Let’s see how this turns out, but we wanted to clear the air and let readers know GTD is not dead.