Hershey Antique Automobile Club of America Galleries Live

Hershey, PA, where our East Coast Offices reside, is home to one of the best antique car clubs around, the Hershey Antique Automobile Club of America. And every tear the HAACA puts on the largest antique auto show in the USA, including a formidable auto jumble swap meet from Wednesday through Saturday of the event week. But of course, the main event is the Concours, which takes place on Saturday, and draws in some pretty rare metal. And thanks to the Harrisburg Area Volkswagen Owners’ Club taking part this year, many more VW’s could be found in the field.

But showing off isn’t the only thing that goes on during the week of the event. We’ve already mentioned the swap meet, but the event also hosts a fairly large car corral with a huge selection of older cars. And just to get an idea of what’s on offer, take a look through the gallery and look for a car on a slab of asphalt. Chances are that car was for sale during the event, and what you’ll find is pretty surprising. Cars aren’t the only things for sale either, with all sorts of car-related paraphernalia available, including one of Fangio’s own helmets.

It truly is an interesting event to attend each year, and we’re happy it happens just in our extended back yard. Take a look through our galleries below and see what you find.

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