Honorable Mention: mldouthi’s ’08 Rabbit

It never ceases to amaze us here how much hard work and effort goes into building some of the cars on our forums. Whether it’s slaving over that air ride setup to get it just right, or fully polishing each and every spoke of a set of BBS RS wheels by hand. But what’s even more astounding is that effort goes into every car, no matter which direction the build is going. Most spend their time trying to be at the cutting edge of the scene, trying to catch on to the latest style or fad.

But mldouthi went a different route, and still put just as much effort as the next guy into doing so. Rather than try to go as low as possible, like the majority of cars these days, mldouthi decided to go the other way, towards the sky. Starting with raising the suspension, and putting bigger tires on, the build quickly progressed into using textured fender flares (requiring cutting well into the original wheel arches), and putting a brush bar on front and a serious basket on top. And while this isn’t that rare of a thing in the air-cooled, or even as recent as the Mk II world, we should mention that all this work is being done on an ’08 Rabbit.

As of last report, the Rabbit got a seriously beefy set of shocks, so the suspension no longer bottoms out while going over the rougher stuff. We think it looks awesome, and admire all the detail and work that went into it. Feel free to hop in, read the build, and give your two cents.