Honorable Mention: Willdue’s MK IV Golf

Welcome back to another edition of Honorable Mention, and this time we have Willdue’s MK IV Golf build. Willdue’s car sat for nearly a year and a half, torn down to its bare unibody in order to be rebuilt, but as is so often the case with projects, life got in the way, and the project was put on hold.

That was until recently, when the project was picked back up with a vengeance, and has been making great headway thus far. It doesn’t take long to see just how in-depth the project is. Just take a look halfway down the first page at that split hatch, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. At the time of this writing, the car has received a fresh coat of white paint, and the painstaking process of find just the right set of wheels has begun.

Hop in now, because the build is just getting going, but it should be great when finished.