IAA ’03: Volkswagen Product Campaign – New Golf and News in Seven Model Series

At the 60th Frankfurt Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main, Volkswagen will unveil the fifth generation Golf to the general public. In addition to the numerous versions of the new edition of the bestseller model, of which more than 22 million units have been sold since its introduction, the Wolfsburg-based automobile manufacturer presents an extensive and fresh range of new models from the small car to the luxury saloon.

The new Golf: the Golf, the most successful German automobile of all time, debuts in the autumn of 2003 in its fifth generation. The design and technology of the Golf, which comes in two and four-door models, are more confident and dynamic than ever before, and represent, therefore, the largest evolutionary step since the model series came into being. This gain in dynamics also applies to the technical features of the Golf. This is best exemplified by the safety chassis (including ESP and Dual Brake Assist) with its newly developed multilink rear suspension, the new electro-mechanical steering system, the efficient direct injection technology (FSI and TDI engines), the advanced five and six speed manual gearboxes or the six-speed automatic transmission (converter transmission and direct shift gearbox “DSG”), which is unmatched by the competition in this segment, and the modular door system featured for the first time worldwide on a passenger car.

Polo: no less than three new Polo versions with an entirely different character can be seen for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Version 1: the new Polo saloon with classical notchback is 28 centimetres longer than the known fastback version and has a boot capacity of 432 litres. There is a choice of four engines – two diesel engines (47 kW / 64 hp and 55 kW / 75 hp) and two petrol engines (55 kW / 75 hp and 74 kW / 100 hp). Version 2: the new Polo FUN catches the eye with its strikingly fresh styling courtesy of redesigned bumpers in offroad look, 17-inch alloy wheels in combination with an approx. 20-millimetre suspension lift and the silver-coloured roof rail. The racy design line is continued in the interior. The Polo FUN is available from the start of 2004 with seven different engines. Version 3: the new Polo GT debuts this year with a highly dynamic engine. The 96 kW / 130 hp 1.9 TDI accelerates the most sporty Polo to a maximum speed of over 200 kph. Sports suspension and alloy wheels provide a stylish appearance and good roadholding, while the sports seats and slightly modified interior trim ensure an equally sporty feel in the vehicle interior.

New Beetle Cabriolet: a torquey pump injector TDI with 74 kW / 100 hp offers driving enjoyment combined with low fuel consumption in the open-topped “lifestyle mobile”. An extended safety specification with combined head-side airbags provides improved protection for the occupants.

Touran: a 2.0 FSI with 110 kW / 150 hp will be available as the top powertrain specification for the successful compact van as of the autumn. The petrol direct injection engine provides a combination of sporty driving performance and low fuel consumption. The diesel direct injection 1.9 TDI is also available from the autumn in combination with the six-speed direct-shift automatic transmission (DSG). The DSG combines the agility and driving enjoyment of a manual box with the comfort of a conventional automatic transmission without any tradeoff in fuel consumption. New features of the Touran Trendline are the optional auxiliary heater and the fresh colours for the seat covers.Diesel particulate filter technology: thanks to the systematic implementation of the Euro4 strategy, a large proportion of the Volkswagen product line already satisfies the Euro4 exhaust emission standards. The next step after improving the engine combustion process is the systematic use of diesel particulate filters. Vehicles which do not meet the Euro4 exhaust emission standards despite engine modifications will be successively equipped as standard with a diesel particulate filter. Volkswagen will supply the diesel particulate filter as an option with vehicles which clear this hurdle without a filter.Volkswagen will be showing two different systems at the Frankfurt Motor Show: an additive based system for the Passat which will enter production this year and a non-additive based system located near to the engine which will go on sale in 2004.Passat / Passat Variant: the Passat range will as of the autumn be extended to include a 2.0 TDI with 100 kW / 136 hp which comes standard with a diesel particulate filter. New colours and door mirrors with integrated turn signals accentuate the elegant looks of the Passat.

Sharan: the popular van enters the new model year with various design modifications. These include slightly revised front and rear ends, as well as new exterior paints and new fabrics in the interior. The optional rear seat entertainment system is now combined with a DVD player.

Touareg: as already known from other engine variants of the Touareg, the comfortable six-speed automatic transmission can also be combined with the popular 5-cylinder in-line TDI.

Phaeton long wheelbase version: the 120-millimetre longer wheelbase provides even more space in the luxury-class saloon by Volkswagen. The rear passengers benefit not only from the increased legroom when seated, but also when entering the vehicle thanks to the enlarged doors. To this can be added an extended standard equipment specification. The Phaeton is available in the long wheelbase version with the new V8, the W12 and the V10 TDI.

Note: all data and equipment contained in this press bulletin apply to the model range available in Germany.In other countries deviations may apply. Subject to amendment. Errors excepted.