Jetta Facelift – Side by Side Comparison

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Since the Jetta 6 facelift is a bit subtle, we decided to put some side by side comparison shots together to make it a little easier to spot the differences.


A new front grill with a new front bumper are the two main areas of change. The LED headlamps were borrowed from the GLI and Hybrid Jetta models and Instead of the smiley looking front bumper on the old car, the ends now turn down and are slightly larger and more aggressive which makes the front end look a bit wider now. Also the headlamps are actually the same shape, however the front bumper doesn’t angle up to meet the grill under the front corner of the headlamp and it appears more squared off.



The side view looks a little more squared off at the front and rear with slightly sharper creases. The wider lower front bumper looks more aggressive compared to the old car. The rear trunk lid has a subtle lip now and the rear bumper reflectors now curve up instead of down.



The new rear of the facelifted Jetta 6 looks a LOT like the rear of the Audi A4. The trunk lid is all new with a subtle lip edge at the top and a much larger cutout of the license plate area between the tail lights. The rear bumper is slightly more creased and the reflector areas now curve up instead of down. The tail lamps have some very minor internal reflector changes (larger rear white reverse light sections for example) and LED’s are available on more trim levels.