Jetta TDI SportWagen Claims Consumer Reports‘ Economy Car Shootout Victory

The battle of economic technologies is still raging. With car manufacturers clamoring over ways to get their cars’ MPG numbers ever-higher, the constant question of diesel, hybrid, or forced-induction looms. For now, it seems, Volkswagen has the answer. At least according to Consumer Reports, who found in its latest eco-car shootout that the Jetta SportWagen TDI was king.

While CR does admit that the Jetta was the priciest of the four-car shootout — a Fiesta, Mazda2, and the new CR-Z were also tested — the consumer-oriented publication claims that it offered the greatest balance of comfort, driving characteristics, and mileage.

On that last point, under the control of CR‘s testers the TDI Jetta was able to squeeze 36 mpg overall, with an amazing highway rating of 49 mpg. This overall number proved to be one higher than the CR-Z’s, which helped the SportWagen claim the top spot.