LEGO Makes T1 Camper Model

After making a Beetle model back in 2008, LEGO has returned to making a model based on a classic Volkswagen. This time around it’s a 1962 T1 Camper Van, and the details in the model are pretty incredible. Based off of the Westfalia version of the Camper, the interior features a fold-out bed, lava lamp, and fold-down table. The designer has even gone through the trouble of making sure the steering column is at the right angle, and the large speedometer is featured, even if it used a standard clock piece from other LEGO sets.

In fact, this model even features a LEGO first, the pop-up top, which required pieces of fabric to be cut and managed in such a tight spot on the roof. Overall, we think it looks great, and we know that there are lots of LEGO fans of you out in the forums. If you’re interested in picking one up after checking out the video below, you’ll have to wait until October, and if you want to find your nearest store, check out