Lupo FSI Takes First Place in VCD List of Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

With the best overall result of 7.87 points, the Lupo FSI has taken the first place in the VCD list of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Noise levels and fuel consumption were, alongside vehicle emissions, assessed by the “Verkehrs Club Deutschland” (German Traffic Club). The decision fell in favour of the Lupo FSI 1.4-ltr following an analysis of all characteristics. The average fuel consumption of this innovative vehicle, with a direct injection petrol engine with 77 kW (105 bhp), is just 4.9 ltr / 100 kilometres. The Lupo FSI naturally fulfils all the requirements for exhaust norm Euro 4, which will not become compulsory throughout Europeuntil 2005, and the vehicle thus qualifies for a tax reduction of 306 Euro.

The Lupo, with its comprehensive standard equipment including a direct shift gearbox with Tiptronic, is on sale for 15,700 Euro.

This result further underlines the high level of competence at Volkswagen in the development and large-scale production of environmentally friendly technologies.