New Beetle Cabriolet Scores Best in ADAC Rollover Test

– Roll-over protection system and windscreen frame protect the passenger compartment

– ADAC calls for New Beetle style over-roll protection system for all convertibles

The New Beetle Cabriolet is extremely safe – even in the event of a roll-over. This has been confirmed by the ADAC (German automobile association) following a roll-over test for convertibles. In a test with two other convertibles, the New Beetle Cabriolet had the best results. One of the reasons for the Volkswagen’s high level of safety: it has a roll-over protection system, fitted as standard, which extends to a height of 265 millimetres within 0.25 seconds if a sensor detects an impending rollover or crash. This system, fitted behind the rear seats, together with the reinforced windscreen frame, protects the passenger compartment.

The Volkswagen New Beetle Cabrio, with its automatically deployed roll-over protection, made a much more favourable impression than its competitors in the test. For this reason the motoring association has called for robust roll-over protection to be fitted to all new convertibles. According the ADAC: “Convertibles without roll-over protection are a life-threatening hazard.” The four-seater New Beetle Cabriolet is currently the only vehicle which offers this type of system at an entry-level price of € 19,750.

The standard passive safety elements of the Volkswagen, which include efficient front, side and curtain airbags and specially designed energy absorbing side panels, are complemented by proven active safety elements such as ABS and ESP with the brake assist system.