New Golf 6 Cabriolet Revealed

Back in 2002 Volkswagen discontinued production of its Golf-based convertible, the Cabriolet. And at least at that point, the German automaker didn’t have any open-air models on offer at all, to the chagrin of Volkswagen enthusiasts who were blessed to be living in nicer climates. But even more than that, people who had owned Cabrios in the past always seem to have a deep connection with that specific car, despite the stigma it may bring. Imagine their disappointment, then, when Volkswagen came out with the Eos in 2006. This almost certainly spelled the demise for their beloved soft-top, and the fact that three (or two and a half, depending on how you look at it) generations of Golfs made their way into showrooms with nothing but a hard hat almost certainly confirmed it.

That is until today. Now with the sixth-generation Golf well into its lifecycle, Volkswagen apparently believes it’s time to revive the convertible, and has released pictures of the updated car. Up front, the car looks exactly the same as the Golf hatchback, but from there it all changes. The windshield is markedly more raked than the hatch, and when the top is up, the roofline of the Cabrio is very apparently lower and more aggressive. Around back, all Cabrios will receive LED taillights as standard. But probably the biggest difference to fans of the old Cabrio: no roll-over hoop. This time around, the car has an automatically deploying roll-over bar that stays hidden until needed. Debates around here are trying to decide on whether that makes the car look more updated, or just slightly awkward.

Unfortunately for those of us here in the States, there’s no current plans to sell the car here. But still, it’s good to see a return of an old nameplate, and if there’s enough of a case, this means at least a better chance to bring a soft-top VW back to the US. The car will be unveiled next week at Geneva, but until then, check out our galleries below.

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