New Incentive From VWoA: Free Insurance

Volkswagen’s U.S. representative is testing a new kind of incentive program by offering purchasers of 2004 and 2005 Golfs, New Beetles and New Beetle Convertibles a year of free auto insurance. Customers choosing to lease will also qualify.

The program is available only to residents in Wisconsin and Illinois and is targeted to run for 3 months. This is a pilot program for VWoA and Nationwide and after the initial 3-month period is up, the program will be evaluated for possible expansion to all 50 states.

Policies will be underwritten by Nationwide and the offer is designed to attract younger buyers. Coverage will exceed the legal minimums for both states and is upgradable through Nationwide.

As Golf and New Beetle sales are down significantly versus the prior year, VWoA is hoping this new incentive program will help boost lagging sales.

Interested parties should contact their WI and IL Volkswagen dealers for more details.

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