New R-Line Accessories from Votex, Starting with Golf IV

Dynamic, sporty, reliable – that’s how we’ve come to know it, and that’s how it has already won over whole generations: the Golf. A car that’s always up to date, and with which you’re always right in vogue. Yet no matter how different the car’s fans may be as people, there’s one thing about which they generally agree – they want to look different when they’re out there on the asphalt, they want to give their car an individual touch, more expression, more personality. In the style of the sporty and successful Golf R32, Volkswagen Individual GmbH has now created the twelve-piece R-Line Collection, first and foremost for the Golf IV. But Bora, New Beetle and Polo drivers are also going to benefit from it. The R-Line accessories have clear and distinctive lines and are an impressive complement to the previously available range of original accessories.

As is so often the case, it is the overall impression that is important – and that’s true of cars too. So that there can be no doubt about the car’s sporty orientation and dynamic road holding it’s worth getting hold of the complete R-Line suspension lowering kit: in just a few simple steps you can fit the struts to the front and the one-tube sports bumper to the rear, and also swap the spring sets on the front and rear axles to have your Golf cruising along a full 25 to 30 millimetres closer to the asphalt. And to go with it a striking face: the aerodynamic front bumper with opened ventilation grille is supplied inclusive of fitting material and fitting instructions. Dainty wheels are no longer permitted. They have to be wide, strong and muscular like the exclusive 17 inch Aristo light alloy wheel, which also looks great on the Bora, New Beetle and Polo. With side sills for two and four door vehicles you really get the full aesthetic effect of the R-Line accessories in the car’s profile too.

With the sporty R-Line accessories your Golf also gets a visual boost from the rear. The roof spoiler takes the dynamics of vehicle movement to its highest level. The rear section is visually enhanced by the introduction of the chrome-plated original sports silencer, which measures a full 90 millimetres in diameter. To perfect the athletic look this can be complemented with a rear bumper – with a choice between opened or closed. Those wanting to equip their Golf with a sports silencer should choose the opened rear bumper, so as to be able to position the tailpipe visibly. A more understated effect is achieved by fitting the closed bumper for vehicles without a visible tailpipe.

There are some dynamic details awaiting the driver’s attention in the vehicle interior too, such as the ergonomically designed 3-spoke sports steering wheel in top-quality black leather with the R-Line label subtly positioned on the middle spoke. The exclusive aluminium-leather combination in the gearshift knob for the Golf and Bora consciously takes up the R-Line style once again. The black leather boot can be stitched with black or grey thread as preferred, and the elegant gearshift lens is available for five and six-gear transmission. For sporty drivers a non-slip pedal cap set is indispensible. The three-piece set is made of brushed stainless steel with non-slip rubber. To complement this the stainless steel foot rest guarantees your left foot rests in a comfortable position. Precision-fitted front and rear textile foot mats in black or grey suede with embossed R-Line logo and non-slip bottom rounds off the interior range.

Votex GmbH, a 100 percent subsidiary of the Volkswagen AG, is responsible for the development and sale of ori-ginal accessories for both Volkswagen and Audi. The result of close collaboration with designers and engineers, top quality original accessories are produced in Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt. This also goes for the R-Line, which offers customers new opportunities to give their car more personality. Far-ranging advice plus all the R-Line products including fitting instructions and, where required, fitting material, are available exclusively from all Volkswagen partners.

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