New Website for Auto Museum Volkswagen

The Auto Museum Volkswagen’s new website premiered today.  Large-scale motifs which showcase the museum and its contents clearly dominate the design. The website’s overall structure has been optimized for more intuitive use – with “clicking” to buy documents and data sheets, and current events from around the car museum available in the foreground.  The Auto Museum website can still be found at

The content’s new design concept on the greatly expanded Volkswagen Auto Museum website focuses on visually stunning large-scale motifs to set the experience of the Auto Museum in scene. It shows exhibitions and events in a series of images, so that visitors to the website can feel like an insider in the action.

A future goal of the car museum website is to make its visitors feel a stronger relationship. Thus, timely newsworthy events such as a reading, club visit or an interview with visitors about their passion for historical Volkswagen will quickly find their way to the website. A newsletter distribution will follow.

Since the Auto Museum Volkswagen acts as the treasury of the Volkswagen brand, the permanent exhibition lives under the slogan “The car. The museum.”  Aside from generous image introduction of the various models, the visitor will also get key figures and characteristics.  A selection of vehicles which will be gradually extended to all the exhibits has been made.

Of course, for the owners of a historic Volkswagens, the most sought-after certificate that gives them information about the original factory settings of their historic Volkswagens are available to order online.  An online store for Volkswagen Accessories is also planned for the near future.

The new website of the Volkswagen Auto Museum also has parallels to the website of Volkswagen Classic, so that the Volkswagen Enthusiast “at home” feel in the history of Volkswagen.

[Source- Dpp-AutoReporter/wpr]

Translation by VWvortex